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Platform: Google Play Store & Codeberg

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firmus is a trusty, strong and reliable application launcher for Android.

The main distinctive feature of the firmus launcher is the 4-page homescreen: empty, history, search page and all apps. The pages are accessed by: clicking on the screen to open history, clicking on the small circle to open all apps, typing in the search bar opens the search page, clicking anywhere empty clears the screens.

The settings page includes a minimal but comprehensive list of configurations that can be toggled and changed dynamically in runtime: startup page choice, disable history, prefer applications over contacts when searching, left/right hand layout, use grid layout, setup background color (can be transparent), border color, search bar color.


Platform: Google Play Store

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Use your camera to convert foreign currencies on the fly!

Have you ever found yourself in a foreign store but you couldn’t evaluate the prices presented in the currency? Fear no more, with the all-new CamCurrency app, you can easily convert to your preferred currency on the fly, using your phone’s camera!

Open the app, choose your currency to convert from and to. Aim your camera and zoom as appropriate on the price tag. The app tries to predict the currency to and from automatically.

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