Brackets Heaven in Neovim

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Lately I have been writing alot of flutter. And there is one charecteristic ‘annoyance’ with that, BRACKETS. The flutter meta is having class constructors that enclose other classes to form a Widget tree. Since initializing those Widgets is done with class Constructors, you end up with this abomination:


Ofcourse, this is Neovim we are talking about, and there is always a way to make your life easier with plugins.

Installing auto-pairs

You should be using a plugin manager for your vimrc. I use ‘Plug’, however they all work almost the same. Install the jiangmiao/auto-pairs plugin like-so:


Plug 'jiangmiao/auto-pairs'

Make sure you don’t forget to update by running :PlugUpdate or a similar command in a new Neovim session.

Some Cool Features of ‘auto-pairs’

Ofcourse there is the originary completion of brackets when inputting either of ‘[{(’, you can also delete those by removing the character using backspace in insert mode.


Now in flutter development, you may need to re-order a child Widget with the parent Widget, using this plugin you can do so with a combination of ‘auto-pairs’ and Neovim’s ‘Shift-%’ shortcut: